Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sheep in New Zealand

This must be one of the reasons there are so many bad sheep jokes about New Zealand. Three postcards, sent over a twenty year period, all featuring sheep. Close ups of cute little lambs, a view of a flock, and sheep as interest in the foreground of a shot of a distant mountain - a variety of ways to show pictures of sheep.

I've only been to New Zealand once, and it was on business, but I don't remember seeing a single sheep. What about all the gorgeous scenery, the outdoor extreme sports, the Maori culture, the geysers? Instead I was sent postcards of sheep.


  1. Those sheep are adorable!

  2. Can't resist the lambs, though! New Zealand lamb has always been very popular in the UK because the season dovetails well with the UK season. The trade was hit quite hard when the UK joined the EU.

    But they don't have a monopoly on bad sheep jokes or postcards - try Wales. :)