Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mystery Sender Revealed

The mystery sender taunted me in this postcard. It took me a bit, but I found the clue. Notice the birds above the horse's butt. If you enlarge the postcard, you will notice that the birds have been drawn on so that they form the letters MM. I know who you are, MM, and should have known from the start.

I figured it out a while ago, but the postcards arriving on an almost daily basis are so interesting, so random, so fact filled (I never knew MM had so much data stored in his head!), I don't want them to stop. Please don't stop, MM. It's too much fun, and a little slice of sunshine every day.

1 comment:

  1. Mystery Writer - Still Not Revealed!

    I just spent the afternoon with Mary - where our conversation turned to WHO YOU COULD POSSIBLY BE many times! You have her completely baffled - and you've managed to engage us all in the quest to discover your identity. THANKS for the great entertainment,