Sunday, September 27, 2009

Winemakers in Bourgogne

I'm lucky to have a lot of wine experts in my life. My friend, Carol, is in charge of wine imports for a wine broker. My friend, Michael, has his own vineyard/winery, Michaud Vineyards. Our neighbor and friend, Tim, is a Master Sommelier, in charge of teaching and testing new sommeliers (not an easy test to pass, at all). My friend, Debra, sells wine. None of this makes me an expert, but it has made me lucky enough to taste a lot of great wine.
This postcard is from one of Carol's trips to Europe. Someday, I hope to accompany her on one of them.

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  1. We spent the day at the Old Creek Winery on Saturday with Lacy and her friends and their kids and it was great fun. Very relaxed and beautiful scenery and the guys did a lot of wine drinking.