Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cadillac Ranch

Someday, I'll road trip across the US. Have always, always wanted to do this, having fantasized about this as far back as 7th grade, when I thought heaven might look like a VW van and a friend, driving across the country.

When that someday comes, whether I choose the southern or northern or central path, my route will include a stop at Cadillac Ranch.

According to recent reports, the Cadillacs are now graffiti covered, and additional graffiti is not discouraged. At one point, they were painted pink in support of efforts to raise funds for breast cancer research. Originally, they were their off-the-factory-line colors, and the postcard above is a picture taken in 1976, shortly after the creation of the ranch.


  1. This is a real place? !! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm loving your collection.

  2. Hey mar. That is something I want to do too. And stop by Kentucky. See the presidents carved in the hillside. Maine, Vermont, Chicago...

  3. Hey Mary. I'm loving, learning and linqering over your amazing collection. Here on Sept 6...I stopped in my tracks when YOU said you've always wanted to do a US road trip! My traveling highlight was a 33 state - 4 month trek around these great states...3 days after ariving home, met Sam and today, 26 years later I'd like to do another road trip together.
    I'm so proud and honored to be your s-i-l...Diane