Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kortrijk, Belgium

For a long time, my husband worked for a Belgian company, based in Kortrijk, Belgium. He would travel there, a couple of times a year.

Once, we took the kids on a combo business trip/family vacation, starting in Paris. It was very exciting to be in Paris then, as it was the beginning of the 98 World Cup, and there were fans in large groups, thronging the cities and the trains. We saw more fans, in random train stations, when we then traveled to Kortrijk. The Brazilians, with their instruments and noise, and the Dutch, dressed all in orange, were particularly exciting to run across.

Kortrijk is not an interesting town, but we were glad to meet some of my husband's colleagues and see where he spent a lot of time. From there, we took a day trip to Brugge, a beautiful, historic Belgian town not far from Kortrujk.

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