Friday, September 11, 2009

A Quick Tourist Trip to Hollywood

When you grow up in California, it's commonplace to have visitors from all over, and as a result,you learn early to be a pretty good tourist guide.

My mom, one of my most faithful postcard senders (along with the secret sender, Julie, Marsha & Ralph, Yolanda, and Paula) recently hosted visitors from North Carolina. She sent postcards to me from their tour.

First, an overview of downtown Los Angeles, with snow covered mountains in the background. Note: LA only looks like this 1 or 2 days a year, usually in early January.

Next, a zoom into the Hollywood sign. You can actually drive up pretty close to the sign, if you know how to get there. And this picture was probably taken in March, after a rainy winter. Doesn't look nearly this green for very much of the year.

Down from the hill for a stop at Chinese theater, nee Grauman's Chinese Theater. It's actually a pretty interesting history, so consider clicking on the link and checking it out.

Finally, a look for movie stars' hand prints and footprints in the cement outside the Chinese Theater. These are not to be confused with The Boulevard of Stars down Hollywood Boulevard. Those stars and where each star's star is located can be found here.

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