Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Events

We went to the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles in 1984, just deciding to go for it relatively last minute, driving down to Los Angeles without a ticket in hand.  We ended up attending a track and field match in the Coliseum, the soccer bronze medal game in the Rose Bowl and watching the marathon (can't remember if it was men's or women's) from our friend's house in Venice Beach.  It was very exciting to be a part of it.  I had forgotten that most of the Soviet Bloc countries boycotted the Olympics that year, with the single exception of Romania.

I have one minor connection to a Winter Olympic event, and that is to luge racing.  No, I've never tried it, and have no plans to. 

However, I did play a German nurse in a student film about a luge racer.  The film, Bullethead, is "the story of an East German luge racer whose head is surgically streamlined to make him the world's most aerodynamic human."  It was shown in art houses all over Europe and my part, while very small, gets the only laugh in the entire 13 minutes.  One night, I fell asleep in front of the television and woke up to hear, "and next up, Bullethead, a film by David Munro".  There I was, on PBS!  I still remember my two lines, which were in German, and can perform them at will.  My great disappointment is that, on the IMDb site, I am not listed as a cast member.

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