Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mt. Hood, Oregon

In the continuation of the winter sports theme, next up is Mt. Hood.  Not only is Mt. Hood a winter sports playground, it is also open for skiing year round. However, summer skiing is recommended primarily for advanced intermediate skiers and above.  That's certainly not me!

This card comes to me from the Mystery Sender, who as regular readers know has been sending me postcards almost every day, usually information filled and always signed "Peace", since early August.  (See first reference to Mystery Sender here.)  At times I think I know who the Mystery Sender is, but when I've posited he/she taunts me for being wrong.  And then he/she throws a curve ball, which may or may not be a clue.  The most recent "clue/curve ball" is that the Mystery Sender has lots of postcards from Mt. Hood (see message on postcard on the right above), with the foreshadowing:  "you'll see". 

Additionally, the Mystery Sender keeps asking me why I haven't mentioned "the banana".  I think "the banana" might have been lost in the mail, or else it's a metaphor I'm clueless to decipher!

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  1. What an interesting secret admirer! And so nice to receive something you treasure... Thanks for stopping by my blog last week:) And happy (week late) Pff!