Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Alternative View of Winter Sports

Westward, Ho!  What a great name for a mini-chain of motels.  I think our family stayed in all of these sometime in the 60s.

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I know for sure we stayed in one in Palm Springs.  We always went there for our Easter vacations, but we also occassionally went there in the winter.  The weather could be very warm during the day, and freezing at night, but it was definitely (and continues to be) a wonderful winter playground.

And check out Las Vegas - not a single theme hotel/casino to be seen, and I'm pretty sure that view is of the Las Vegas strip.

None of these Westward Ho's still exist, although there are Westward Ho's in Bend, Oregon; West Yellowstone, Montana; and Clovis, New Mexico.  The Las Vegas Westward Ho closed in November 2005, the Palm Springs Westward Ho has been reborn as the Ace Hotel (which actually looks pretty good), and it's not clear whatever happened to the San Diego Westward Ho.

I can't think of another brand that used a rallying cry (Westward, ho!) as its name, with the possible exception of Yahoo!  Additional examples, readers?

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