Monday, February 8, 2010


This must be a popular postcard design in Holland.  I received these two postcards within two days of each other, from two separate Postcrossing participants.  While the cards feature completely different pictures and slightly different placement of colors around the border, the design is virtually the same.

I always get  confused about the use of the term "Holland" versus "The Netherlands".  It turns out it's no wonder.  Officially, "Holland" refers to a region in the western part of The Netherlands, comprising of North Holland and South Holland.  However, these are only two of the twelve provinces of The Netherlands.  Accepted use, albeit informally, allows "Holland" to be used to refer to the entire country.  Add to that the use of the word "Dutch" to refer to all things Netherland, and it becomes a big mishmash of confusion for me.

In any case, I love the postcards I get from Postcrossing, and never know from where or with which images a card will arrive


  1. Speaking of mishmash, when I was in Holland, we ordered something at a restaurant that was called Dutch Mashed Food. It is stamppot, but that's how it was translated to us...various vegetables mashed into mashed potatoes, with a little well in the top for some flavorful fat of some kind and a big sausage on top.

  2. of course Holland reminds me of Ron. His parents were both born there. When his father's first wife died (he was living in Canada) he advertised in the Amsterdam newspaper for a wife and Ron's mother replied (along with many others) and he picked her; she flew to Victoria, Canada, and they were married. She had twins: Ron and Johannes. So he is a Dutch Canadian living in Landers, California. And always my crazy Dutch boy.