Monday, March 29, 2010

Collecting Postcards

One of the nice things about having a postcard blog is the support I get from my friends, acquaintances, and even strangers.

This postcard was created and then sent to me by my friend Jack, just because.  It is a picture of the flagpole at their house in Bethany Beach, Delaware, where he and Lorry and various members of their family and some of their luckier and/or more persistent friends spend the summer.  I love that they have found a way to "rep their hood", by flying the California flag every day.  Thanks, Jack!

Some friends bring me postcards from their travels (thanks, Millie!) , and one friend cleaned out his office and has sent me stacks and stacks of postcards (thanks, Steve!).  I've exchanged postcards with a couple of fellow postcard bloggers (thanks, Chris!), as well.

I have received postcards from a variety of Facebook reaquaintances (thanks, Chuck!) as well as from a woman I play on-line Scrabble with who I met on Facebook (thanks, Kathy!). 

Then there's the infamous "Mystery Sender" who continues to send a postcard almost every day (here's the most recent posting), except that the oft mentioned "banana" has never shown up.  Thanks, again, Mystery Sender!

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