Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Super Bowl

Tomorrow is Super Bowl XLIV, featuring the Indianapolis Colts versus the New Orleans Saints.  Above, a postcard from each team's home town.

I am rooting for the New Orleans Saints, for three random reasons.  First, while I haven't been to Indianapolis, I have been to New Orleans and between the jazz and the food and the energy in the streets and the voodoo and cemetaries and Mardi Gras and and and - how can you not love the place?  Second, New Orleans is a city that could use something to celebrate, and while winning the NFC championship is a big deal in and of itself, the big one is the Big One.  Lastly, our friend from college was drafted out of UC Berkeley to be a running back for the Saints many years ago, and because of this I've always felt a certain fondness for the team.

Tomorrow - postcards from the first time I went to the Super Bowl.


  1. I am so uninformed when it comes to reading Greek!! But I do remember Uncle Larry sitting there watching and Vic Scully talking...a happy, contented memory.

  2. To inojai--I remember it well. Vin Scully broadcasts the Dodgers. Uncle Larry and I had the fun of attending the 1977 Super Bowl game in the Rose Bowl Oakland beat Minnesota. It was a total spectacle and the football was secondary to me.

  3. Based on the postcards above, I guess I would root for New Orleans too. I have trouble getting very excited about teams, unless they're college based. Otherwise, it seems to me that the players are a bunch of mercenaries with no particular connection or loyalty to the City they play for.