Saturday, June 5, 2010

New York City Skyscrapers Souvenir Folder, IV

A last few images from the 1915 New York City Skyscrapers Souvenir Folder:  the view of Manhattan from Jersey City, Times Square during the day, the Brooklyn Bridge, and a shot of "high pressure in action" featuring New York City's finest.

The pictures from this folder posted in the last few days have reminded me of one of my favorite books:  Time and Again, by Jack Finney.  To describe the plot, involving time travel and self-hypnosis, makes it sound silly, but the book is an homage to New York City, as well as a great story.  The image in the book that comes back to me again and again involves the protagonist knowing he's traveled back in time when he looks out his apartment window and sees that the skyline has changed.   Every time I'm in New York, I think of this image when I look at the skyline, and these skyscraper postcards remind me of that as well.


  1. Goodness, how times Square has changed. there are still a very few horse-drawn wagons in that view!!!!

  2. Oh, there are more! What a nice surprise. i thought we were done. Every card in thsi folder is wonderful.