Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bourbon/Whisky II

George Dickel is a sour mash whisky distiller from Tennesse, "nestled on the Highland Rim of the Cumberland Plateau, ... halfway between Nashville and Chattanooga".  George Dickel  "declared that because his whisky was as smooth as the finest scotch, he would always spell the “whiskey” in George Dickel Tennessee Whisky without an “e”, keeping with the Scotch whisky tradition."

I like bourbon, but I am by no means an afficianado.  However, I imagine discussions about the quality of the water (both Maker's Mark and George Dickel only use water emanating from limestone spring water), experience of the distiller, quality of the oak barrels, and a number of other factors could become quite animated, especially after more than one glass of bourbon.

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