Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Salzburg, Austria

I chose today's postcard because I was looking at which countries from which continents had or hadn't been posted, and Austria was missing.

However, upon review it became more interesting to me for my address than for the location. The address the card was sent to was for the first apartment I ever lived in, in Berkeley. The street was actually "Channing" not Canning. I hadn't thought about this place in a long while.

There were four of us in a two bedroom apartment, and I was lucky in that my roommate actually lived with her boyfriend (now husband), so I pretty much had the room to myself except for the once or twice when we had to "stage" the room for a visit from my roommate's parents. The room was painted a bright bright green and on one wall was painted the skyline of New York City, complete with King Kong hanging from the Empire State Building. The ceiling was dark blue with stars. Only in Berkeley, as they say, but I did love that room!


  1. Now you let the cat out of the bag. If your roommate's parents are reading, she'll be in retroactive trouble ;)

  2. So much fun to go back in time - and forward - in the same sitting! Back - Bullocks and Berkeley... Forward - Bermuda and Belgium... and so much more. A plethora of reminiscing... and dreaming... delightful! (And fill us in on the reaction of your roommate's parents. As is Christine - I'm a little worried about that too!

  3. Not to worry about the roommate's parents - it was a loooong time ago. Although her mother is still around.........

  4. Way to go Mar- letting the cat out of the bag! Luckily, Mom still thinks that I would NEVER act that way...so don't worry you all. The only regret is that Doan and I have only been virtual roommates.
    Real soulmates, however.

  5. I remember moving your roommate's (my wife's) critical stuff back to the apt. to complete the ruse!!! Oh, weren't we creative in those wonderful days!!!!!!

  6. LOL. I'm glad the roommate and spouse had the courage to speak up! :)

    I'm laughing my ass off right now. Feels good.