Sunday, December 6, 2009

A New Series - All 50 States

It's always a challenge to decide what to post every day. And if I don't plan it out (which I usually don't except when I'm traveling and have to attach several scanned postcards to an email so I have something to post at my destination), I spend time mulling it over every day.

Well, this week I'm pretty busy, so I decided to pick a theme for the week, which will continue intermittently over the next few months. This week, I start "All 50 States", beginning with Alabama. I don't plan on running state postcards for the next 50 days, just seven - Alabama through Connecticut. Sometime later I'll pick up with Delaware and post through Iowa. And so on and so forth.

As an added bonus, I've got the state seal of every state, from a sheet handed out at the Willard Hotel (now the Willard Intercontinental) in Washington, DC. On the ceiling of the lobby is the state seal of the first 48 states, with Alaska and Hawaii added later to a random wall. As you enter the lobby, you can't help but crane your neck to view the ceiling, and do the math, and wonder where Hawaii and Alaska are. The front desk actually hands out a sheet, showing the seal and its location for every state.

There are still a few holes in the all 50 states portion of my postcard collection: Rhode Island, North & South Dakota, Kansas, Vermont, West Virginia, Indiana, and Nebraska. There may be one or two of these states represented in some of the antique postcards from the mystery sender - I'll have to double check. However, need some love here people! Help me out.

(Why do I feel like I'm asking for votes on "So You Think You Can Dance"?)

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  1. Nice idea, wish I could help with info, but dont know the states that well