Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Orleans

Regular readers know that I send postcards to many of my sons' friends, freshmen and sophomores in college and most away from home for the first time. I do this for three reasons: 1) so they have something in their mail boxes - who doesn't like to get mail? 2) to remind them where they are from - in hopes they will want to come home sometime, and 3) to ask them to send me a postcard from their college, so I can include it in my "colleges/universities" sub-collection.

This postcard is an example of another reason I keep doing this. It is from our friend who goes to college at Tulane University. He loves it there, but it is a long way from San Francisco. It's the p.s. that makes it all worthwhile: "Whenever I get homesick, it's been nice seeing your cards. Thanks!" Made my day.

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