Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lucy the Elephant

Did you know the largest elephant in the world stands in Margate, New Jersey, just waiting for you to walk inside? Lucy the Elephant is, as the slogan says, "The only elephant you can go into and come out of alive." Sure enough, there she is, listed in Roadside America. For a road tripper like me, Roadside America is filled with places I'd like to plan a road trip(s) around, like Cadillac Ranch, featured here early on.

In any case, the Lucy the Elephant postcard was sent to me by Conniechiwa (aka Conell), whose travel mascot is Miss Igorota (thus the Miss Igorota stamp on the back of the postcard). Miss Igorota is sending postcards from all over the world, with her picture in each one, which can be viewed on her blog, Postcards from Miss Igorota.

Miss Igorota reminds me not only of the travel gnome from the movie Amelie (which Conniechiwa attributes as partial inspiration), but also of the student geography project, "Flat (insert name here)". My niece, Maggie, had "Flat Maggie", and the idea was to send Flat Maggie to one person, who would take a picture of Flat Maggie somewhere recognizable in their town, write an entry in Flat Maggie's diary, "stamp" Flat Maggie's passport, and send it on to someone else, with Flat Maggie eventually making it back to 3-D Maggie. In Flat Maggie's case, she went from Los Angeles to San Francisco, to Sydney, Australia, to Saigon, Vietnam, and finally back to Los Angeles, a little worse for wear, and a bit tardy, but she made it back!

In any case, Conniechiwa also introduced me to Postcard Friendship Friday, for which I say, "Thank you very much, Conniechiwa!"

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  1. i've been so busy last month that i missed this post of yours featuring the miss iggy postcard i sent you! thanks for featuring it in your blog! :)