Friday, May 21, 2010

The San Andreas Fault

I've been thinking a lot about "cause and effect".

Cause and effect. 

The San Andreas Fault is a perfect example of cause and effect.  When the "big one" happens in California, it will most likely be centered on this fault.  [Chorus:  Whose fault is that?]  When you fly in a small plane from north to south, or south to north, in California, it is very visible from the sky. 

It's big. 


  1. that's a cool picture. I didn't realize you could actually see it like that.

  2. That is funny that there is a postcard for a fault line. But, I lived in California for 35 years and it is a big part of your life! :-)

  3. I live on a major fault!!!!!
    CA = shake and bake!

  4. amazing shot...have been fascinated by the san andreas fault ever since watching "superman: the movie" as a kid at the cinema!

  5. Love it Mary! Having experienced the Loma Prieta quake, I know shaking.

  6. Isn't that amazing--that you can actually SEE the fault-line. I have had nightmares about earth quakes since I was small.

    Amazing--what an interesting postcard!

    Happy PFF!