Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mystery Sender Makes A Point

The mystery sender's postcards often make me laugh out loud.

At first I thought this was a postcard for the Blue Man Group, who I've not seen perform. Rather, it is an ad for a Colourings Make-up Studios in the Body Shop in four of their New York locations, offering a free professional makeover

S/he complains that on many advertising postcards, there is not enough room on the back to write a message. And to prove the point, sends the same card twice, #1 of 2, and #2 of 2. I've only posted the front once. Definitely true when the postcard is used for a specific promotional purpose; not necessarily true when they are picked up on a postcard rack, where the advertiser hopes the postcard might be used in a non-digital form of viral marketing.

1 comment:

  1. The art cards I pick up for gallery openings etc. often don't leave enough room either...but I still pick them up and have sent them with messages written little...the above is a cool card!