Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kerala, India

My knowledge of the different states in India is pitiful.

Here is a postcard from Kerala, which National Geographic Traveler describes as "one of the 'ten paradises of the world' and '50 places of a lifetime'." Cochin, or Kochi, is the city from which the sender embarked on a houseboat trip through the peaceful and spectacular waterways of the state. Who knew that Kerala grows a large percentage and 50 varieties of rice? Have you heard of the house boat rentals here? Check out the state flower, the Cassia. It's beautiful.

My friend Sudha and her husband took a mini-vacation here, while in India tending to her business. Sudha works with artisans and craftspeople, creating beautiful gifts, jewelry and accessories, and helping revive age old crafts that were near extinction. She was truly a pioneer in the area of social responsibility.

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