Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bullocks, Pasadena

Bullocks, Pasadena. Scene of back to school shopping (there was a fashion show at lunch in the dining room), cotillion dresses and white gloves, and post-Christmas shopping. My cousin remembers that there was an ash tray ouside every elevator, and could there have been an elevator operator when we were very young? Don't know if that's a real memory or not. My grandmother got her knit suits here.
At one point, it was the anchor store on South Lake Street in Pasadena. It then went through a period of decline, being reborn ultimately as a Macys. Not even close to being the same.


  1. I remember! I remember! Pictures on Santa Claus's lap with great gifts...the fashion show, the tea room, where a weary shopper could get a bite. All taken for granted and not given much it's a quick burrito at the food court...
    And ice cream sundaes at Blum's.

  2. I loved getting my hair cut there- I think? There was a pony or something to sit on?

  3. Tracy JohnstonSeptember 01, 2010

    I remember the day-after-Christmas sales and how much fun I had pawing through all the clothes. My mother just died and I'd love to throw some of her ashes in Bullocks. Alas, it's gone.

  4. Tracy - I'd put some in the ivy out front (is that still there?) or in the planter boxes by the lower entrace where cosmetics are now. Go for it! Even though it's called a "Macy's", there are physical remnants of the past around. You can always use the "Great Escape" method, with a few ashes falling out of your shoes as you walk around. :)