Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mono Lake, California

It seems we used to drive past Mono Lake on the way to Mammoth Lakes, but I just don't remember the weird formations. Looks more like the moon, with water, to me.


  1. I know we never gave it much thought as Lake Tahoe, our destination, was a little bit prettier!

  2. In 1941 the L.A. Dept. of water and power diverted so much water from Mono Lake that the water level was lowered by as much as 45 feet through the years. You are right. It didn't look like this post-card when we drove to Mammoth in the 60's and 70's. I remember it in the 40's with 2 islands--one obsidian and one pumice. Your great grandmother found a huge obsidian rock there. She kept it for years.

  3. eddie + i were driving to past there on way to tahoe late one full-moon lit night, and it was very surreal. the reflection made the lake's surface appear to be a deep bottomless prussian blue ravine with stalactites pulsing in and out of focus through misty threads... we had to stop the car and really focus to see past the mirage!