Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wellington, New Zealand

Went to Wellington on a business trip.

Arrived about 8 AM, and went straight to the Saatchi offices to begin working on a new business pitch. This is not easy after a 20 hour flight which also crosses the international date line. I do remember stopping in Aukland before flying to Wellington, and there being a shower in the business class lounge that was more like a bathroom in somebody's home than a public shower. There was a bar of soap, a couple of towels hanging on racks that, to be honest, looked like they might already have been used. I was so tired and so grungy from flying so long, I didn't care. I just used what was there.

Saatchi Wellington was (is?) a great office, with smart and creative people, an interesting art collection, and a committed team. We worked like dogs for two days, gave a killer pitch and ended up winning the business. When finished, they held a little reception for me. The head of the office said I was the first person who had ever showed up from "headquarters" saying "I'm here to help" and actually did. I think it was the most appreciated I ever felt in business.

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