Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Card Received on Tuesday - Church in Arkansas

Just one postcard yesterday, from the Mystery Sender, of a random church in Rogers, Arkansas. The Mystery Sender seems partial to postcards from Arkansas.

Announcement: I have to put my "whatever postcards I received yesterday" selection method on hiatus, because I forgot I was going to LA, and won't be home to see what postcards come in. I'm in LA now, and need to remember to send myself a postcard from here, or at least post one if I can find a scanner. There isn't one at my mom's house. I will continue my post a day, just not of postcards I received yesterday.

Random fact: got my first speeding ticket ever today during drive down from SF, in at least 100 if not 150 drives to/from SF/LA in the last 30 years. Not that I haven't been issued a speeding ticket before. Just never on this drive. Bummer.

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