Monday, March 8, 2010

Kansas (City, Missouri)

It is Kansas' turn, and the only postcard I have is Kansas City, Missouri.  Bummer!

I have been to Kansas City, Missouri before but can't remember whether I crossed the river into Kansas City, Kansas.  Interesting when you look at both Kansas City's on Wikipedia - Kansas City, Kansas gets short shrift.  Kansas City, Missouri gets credit for Kansas City bbq, Kansas City jazz, and Kansas City blues.  Kansas City, Kansas doesn't get credit for much of anything.  In fact, its entry is about half the size of its more prominent partner's.

The one time I visited Kansas City was for test commercials for the launch of KC (yep, Kansas City) Masterpiece Barbeque Sauce.  My hands appeared in one commercial, I did voice over for another, and in the third, I was in charge of props. KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce is now the number one selling premium bbq sauce in the country.   Dr. Dave, as he was called, was the pediatrician who came up with the original KC Masterpiece recipe, and subsequently sold it to Clorox in 1986.  In case that seems like a strange company to purchase a food product, Clorox also owns Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing

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