Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sending the Youngest Son Off to College

Big day today. Leaving soon to drive my youngest son, Clinton, to the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon to begin his freshman year at college.

The postcard on the left shows the Lillis Business Complex. If I remember correctly, it is a completely green building. On the right is Hayward Field, one of, if the not the best, track stadiums in the country. Clinton's dorm is right across the street from this stadium (the one you can see from the overhead shot of the stadium).

Poignant, sad, exciting, proud, scared - all these emotions and more are ones I'm feeling. I imagine his feelings are similar, at least the excitement part. U of O is on the quarter system and begins so much later than almost all other colleges and universities - it's made for what's felt like a very l-o-n-g September, particularly for him. He can't wait to get there, and start his new life!

My friend, Carla, wrote about the experience of dropping her son off to college, and articulated the whole process much better than I could. Read "It Feels Like Fall Today -- It's Time".

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  1. Oh Mar...I can't believe it. Not too long ago you asked me and Moss to make a Clinton poster with then President Clinton headlines on it etc. and your little C. was just a baby...(we never did come through on that, I regret to say) and poof! he's off to college. Well buena suerte and so on to Clinton H. I remember when Lacy went off to UCSB. Dad clambered into her little VW and drove her to Santa Barbara..he was so proud and wanted to help. I waved goodbye and soon moved to Palm Springs.