Thursday, September 17, 2009

Homage to Mystery Sender, II

In my dive into the worlds of postcards, I've discovered that not only are there thousands and thousands of collectors, many of them limit their collections to very specific sub-categories: cowboy poetry, courthouses in Florida, Maps of Scottish Tartans, and malls of America, to name a few. It's really amazing. These postcards from the Mystery Sender could be grouped under the category, Architecture, with the subcategory, public buildings.

A fair number of the postcards sent by the Mystery Sender seem to feature locations in Arkansas. I see this as a red herring, or at minimum, random but not deliberate. A bit of a treat for my friend, Carla, who grew up in Arkansas and
commented on yesterday's post that she had water skied growing up on the lake created by the Norfork Dam in the Ozarks, featured yesterday.

On one of these postcards is a url. A clue, perhaps? I went to the site, an ebay store (www.Dale which sells postcards, along with souvenir plates, collectors plates, high school yearbooks, ephemera and more. The specific link was to the postcard of the radio station, below. "Aha!" I thought. I sent Dale Velk an email, telling him the story of the mystery sender, and imploring him to send me the name or at least the initials of the person who had purchased this card. I received a reply back immediately, "Hi Mary i still have this postcard as far as I know. I don't recall any questions or emails about it. Good luck with your mystery!" Foiled again.

More tomorrow.

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