Monday, June 20, 2011

College Series - Belgorod State University

Lately it's been a "Paucity of Postcards" rather than a "Plethora of Postcards".  It's been a crazy summer with lots of house guests and a new job!  But back to the college series....

Here's a university I  had never heard of (or the town either):  Belgorod State University (BSU?).  It is located in Belgorod Oblast, which is in the southern part of Russia, on the border with Ukraine. [Note:  "oblast" is an administrative division in slavic countries.  This is not the same as "state", but rather more like "zone", "province", "area" or "region".]

Belgorod State University is quite large, with 89 departments.  It is known for its program dedicated to teaching Russian, both on campus and around the world.  Looks beautiful!


  1. Actually posted August 27 not June 20, 2011

  2. This is a wonderful postcard! Thank you so much for sharing. So delicate and beautiful.

    Happy PFF!

  3. very beautiful!

  4. i find the graphic framing device quite curious! pretty meditative spot too...