Thursday, June 16, 2011

Art Series V, Louisa S Cooper

Louisa S. Cooper was "Mrs. Witter" to me, and  a mainstay of our multi-family Labor Day beach weeks in Carpinteria, when I was a kid.  She long ago divorced Mr. Witter (now deceased), remarried and moved to Hawaii.  I don't know if she was a painter then, but she certainly became one.

It's funny how unaware of the interests, hobbies and professional lives of the adults around us we were growing up.  It seems kids now are much more aware, although perhaps I'm kidding myself (pun unintentional).

I do remember that she was a bit more exotic, and somehow different than some of the other moms.  Perhaps it was that she was slightly more liberal in the conservative domain of Pasadena, or perhaps it was the artist in her.  Perhaps it was because she smoked.  Who knows?  But it is fun to see her work, and know that she succeeded, living the life of an artist, in Hawaii no less.

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