Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rice Paddy Terraces in Philippines

There's a purpose for a description on the back of a postcard! Spell check. I can never remember how to spell "Philippines". It doesn't do the M-i-ss-i-ss-i-pp-i thing very fluidly.

This postcard is from my friend, Evelyn. She used to travel a lot, doing branding and design work for a variety of airlines. In this case, Philippine Airlines. It made me realize something we're losing - being very familiar with our friends' handwriting. Evelyn's handwriting is quite distinctive - I would recognize it anywhere. But when she sends me an email from Morocco, where she now lives (see evelyninmorocco.blogspot.com for fun), I don't get that warm, friendly feeling that seeing her handwriting on a letter or postcard evokes.

One thing I like about this postcard besides the visual is the scalopped edges. Do you think that served a purpose? Something to do with post offices? Or was it just for fun?

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  1. Hi Mary--I think the scallops are "just for fun"..maybe to make the postcard look a little more flormal, like a notecard?