Monday, July 6, 2009

Camels in India?

I never imagined there were camels in India. But my friend, Andrew, went on a camel trek into the desert in India, I think in Rajastahn. It happens sometimes that the automated mailing marks on a postcard cover up the description or name of a place, and in this case the spelling is Rogistahn. Can't find that on google. (See card.) From his note and later descriptions of his travels, it sounds amazing.

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  1. A message from the sender of this card via email:

    ....Loved seeing my postcard, brings back memories to see what was written. Our trek, and the photo on the card, are from the Thar Desert in the state of Rajasthan. ( Great place. We spent three days on the back of camels, just trekking around the desert and soaking up the local culture. I remember talking to you about that trip before I left, trying to decide whether to go to South America or India....