Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh, Deer

My friends Duke and Sandy are traveling throughout the US in their luxurious motor  home, on the way to "winter" in Coronado (San Diego), sending postcards along the way.  This one comes from their meanderings along the Blue Ridge Parkway, a 469 mile road through western North Carolina and Virginia.

The Blue Ridge Parkway isn't just a road, it's both a National Parkway, described by Wiki as:  "...a protected area in the United States ... given to a scenic roadway and a protected corridor of surrounding parkland...(which) .... often connect cultural or historic sites" and an All-American Road, which is the designation for the most scenic roads in the National Scenic Byway System.  There are 99 National Scenic Byways and 27 All-American Roads, located in 44 states (all except Hawaii, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Texas), with a listing here.  The requirements for a National Scenic Byway are listed as well.  I've traveled on at least pieces of almost 30 of the 97 byways, which for a self-professed road tripper doesn't seem like many.

Oh, deer.  The postcard describes this animal as "deer fawn".  Nothing more - not white tail deer, mountain deer, red deer, nothing.  I suppose that's the end of the animal series, then.

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  1. probably a white tailed deer fawn. Hello Bambi!