Monday, August 2, 2010

More Animals - Dall Sheep

I seem to have started an animal series, and I see no reason not to continue.

Dall sheep are native to northwestern North America, and according to the postcard "can climb straight up cliffs to avoid predators".  In fact, the Dall sheep on the postcard almost looks like it is photoshopped in, as there appears to be so little to stand on.  Dall sheep look a lot like Bighorn Sheep, but are apparently separate species.   Interesting to read the Wikis about both types of sheep, as DNA testing is now being done on these animals to determine if each has a variety of subspecies within its species.  While the Dall and Bighorn sheep are not considered the same species, let alone subspecies, their DNA lineage is complicated by some instances of "hybridization".  I've seen Bighorn sheep while hiking in Colorado and around the Ritz Carlton Palm Springs, but had never heard of Dall sheep. (It might have something to do with the fact that I've never been to Alaska.)

A shout out to my friend and birthday soul sister, Erin, who sent me this postcard from Alaska, where she went with her dad for a very wonderful and exciting fly fishing adventure.   Her mom and dad are regular contributors to  my postcard collection, and she wanted in on the action.  At one point, she dropped out of college and ran off to Alaska (what she is referring to as her "freebird" days).  Sounds like she's having a blast revisiting her old haunts. 

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