Sunday, June 19, 2011

College Series - Loyola Marymount

Haven't posted any colleges for a while, and in this month of college graduations, perhaps I should.

My niece just graduated from Loyola Marymount (LMU), located in Los Angeles.  She was (and still is) a deejay for the campus radio station, KXLU, which she tells me is known as one of the best campus radio stations in the country.  I take her word for it!  One thing the station is known for is a program "Demolistens", in which only demo tapes are played.  The station claims it was the first to air the music of more than a few of today's top bands.  (Here's a link to my niece's  play lists.)

For spring vacation, each year for four years, my niece would bring a friend or two and come stay with us in San Francisco.  On the last visit, with two of her radio station pals, Ali and Pascal, they left me a KXLU snuggie.  It's black with a tasteful, if too small, KXLU logo on it.   One of the best house guest presents of all time!


  1. My nice almost ended up going to Loyola Marymount next year. I was practicing saying the name, just in case, but then she opted for Santa Clara instead. So many colleges - so many decisions. A big congratulations to your niece!

  2. My niece is nice, but I did mean to spell it n-i-e-c-e.

  3. How perfectly lovely! I liked hearing the story behind this one.

  4. i listened to kxlu purdy often (until it got overly dissonant + raucous!) - probably the most punky edgy tuneage in lalaland.