Monday, June 13, 2011

Art Series, continued - Puppet from France

Here we have Gnafron, a classic Lyon puppet and character in the French puppet show, Guignol (also the name of the main character).  From the wiki: 

Although often thought of as children's entertainment, Guignol's sharp wit and linguistic verve have always been appreciated by adults as well, as shown by the motto of a prominent Lyon troupe: "Guignol amuses children… and witty adults".

I suppose Guignol would be the equivalent of an English "Punch and Judy", although unlike any character in Punch and Judy, Gnafron is a drunk.  Leave it to the French. 

A translated wiki shows a little of Gnafron's history, and it appears he is the inseparable companion of Guignol.

It must be time for marionettes to make a comeback, as it's an art form that hasn't enjoyed a resurgence for a while. Hmmm.

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  1. I went to see a puppet show (3 Little Pigs) in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris a few years ago. It was hilarious! I love those puppets.