Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Art Series IV, Polish Artist

This painting (oil on canvas) by Jerzy Wołoszynowicz is entitled, "Sunset over Ostrow Tumski, the view from Grunwaldzki Bridge".  The card came through Postcrossing from Dominik who lives in Wroclaw in the southwest of Poland.  Turns out Ostrow ("island") Tumski is an important archaeological site in Wroclaw.

I can't find much about Jerzy Wołoszynowicz, but a tourist guide features an exhibition for him, describing his as "... a painter, draughtsman and industrial designer. Best-known locally for his wild animal paintings on the walls of Wrocław, here you can see works showing the ruins of the post-war city and other later aspects of Wrocław. Also included will be the artist's surrealist paintings and drawings."  The wild animal paintings look amazing.

Here's something I might not have mentioned about Postcrossing before.  People post profiles of themselves, and often name specifics types of postcards they might like.  On mine I mention that I love learning about local music and art, and when I'm lucky, I get music and/or art postcards from a variety of countries.  In this way, I learn about artists I would probably never  hear of otherwise, such as Jerzy Wołoszynowicz.

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