Saturday, November 13, 2010

Atomic Testing Museum

Now that the Liberace Museum has closed, what's a thinking person to do when visiting Las Vegas?

Well, how about the Atomic Testing Museum?  As described in Frommer's:

From 1951 until 1992, the Nevada Test Site was this country's primary location for testing nuclear weapons. Aboveground blasts in the early days were visible to the tourists and residents of Las Vegas. This well-executed museum, library, and gallery space (a Smithsonian affiliate) offers visitors a fascinating glance at the test site from ancient days through modern times, with memorabilia, displays, official documents, videos, interactive displays, motion-simulator theaters (such as sitting in a bunker, watching a blast), and emotional testimony from the people who worked there. It respectfully treads that tricky line between honoring the work done at the site and understanding its terrible implications. Not to be missed, even if it's only because of the Albert Einstein action figure in the gift shop. Visitors should plan on spending at least an hour.

I'm adding an Albert Einstein action figure to my Christmas list. 


  1. WHAT!? The Liberace Museum closed? Arghh. That's awful. I have a few cards from there and always thought I could take my time getting over there to check it out. This is a tragedy. I guess that means I had better make arrangements to go to Dolly Parton's Dollywood before that's gone too. The Atomic Testing museum looks interesting, but it's no substitute for Liberace.

  2. I don't know, I think watching a fascinating glance at the test site of above ground blasts could very well be a substitute for Liberace.

    As for the Albert Einstein action figure, I'm trying to imagine the actions. Thinking? Writing on a blackboard?

  3. We were just there with Gramma Loie! Should have checked with you first...

  4. i think a proper Einstein action figure (one of which I'm a proud owner...!), should be able to fly faster than the speed of time. or bend gravity. or square MCs, wherever they might be. they might just function better. or perhaps his hair would stand on end, when you turn on a light switch! haaar! wa wa waaah.

    Did you know that Liberace owned the penthouse of a 10 story bldg up the street from me in L.A. (when i was on Cochran). I once was lucky enough to see him arriving with much glitter + fanfare!

    That atomic museum looks fascinating - probably one of the coolest places to visit in Las Vegas!!! i'm marking that one on my dream drive map!
    :D xom

  5. glad to see you posting again!