Monday, October 18, 2010

College Series - Evergreen State College

One man's "experimental and innovative" is another man's "environmental terrorists and homos".  What a great card.  And while it isn't exactly OF Evergreen State College, it is a response TO the presence of the college and it seemed to fit in the series.

On another note, I've missed the almost daily postcards from "The Mystery Sender", and lo and behold, s/he seems to have missed sending them.  I appreciate the nudge, port fueled or not, to get back at it. (See "anonymous" comment on previous post.)  I'm not ready to make a time commitment (like, every day) yet, but am re-energized to get back at it (posting, that is) more often.  Thanks, M.S.


  1. Yes, please keep going- nudges all around.

  2. I have seen this guy's other billboards while driving through Washington State. They are personally funded by an opinionated individual.

  3. love this! hard to tell at first whether it's a joke, or seriously intended...
    but of course, alas, it's the latter! i finally figured out how to get your updates emailed to me - so now the image and your post comes my way asap! : )

  4. I'm liking the Evergreen card, but with the Giants winning the World Series tonight, I think it's time for a change. Go Giants!

  5. I am sure the sign is totally serious, I think it is set up around Centralia, a hot-spot of redneckedness! They change it around a lot, but the theme is always militaristically redneck. Great card and great campus!

  6. I am all caught up with your post-cards and I am really ready for more. You always make me laugh or educate me. :)

  7. Intresting card.

    finally got myself set up with a blog for my
    postcards and stamps. I hope we can
    exchange some postcards.
    send me your address.

    best wishes