Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spain, Morocco & Portugal

I'm leaving for a three-week trip to Spain, Morocco and Portugal tomorrow, and don't know if I'll be able to post any postcards.  I'll be collecting some and mailing others, but access to a scanner might be a challenge.

If any of you postcard people are interested in receiving a postcard, let me know your addresses, and I'll make every effort to send you one.

I suppose I'll have to make up the non-posting days, in keeping with my commitment to post a postcard a day for a  year, but I'm not complaining.  Can't wait to go!


  1. Enjoy your trip. I'll miss the daily posts, but look forward to the barrage of postings on your return. I'll try to keep them coming even in your absence.

  2. Mary, I don't see any contact info for you, so I'm answering here your question about maximum cards: see You can see over 1,000+ images in my photobucket album.

  3. I think that you has your own travel agenda. In addition to all maybe you've finished your holidays that day but I think that you must know that the Spanish postcrossing Meeting will be the 24th of April in Madrid and if you are visiting our beautiful country we are very glad to have you as our guest.


  4. I love postcards and I have been badgering friends for years. Some will and a lot won't take the time. Have a fun B-day. I hope you make lots of friends and bring back many stories.


  5. Dardo - what a shame to miss the Spanish postcrossing meeting! I am leaving Spain on Saturday 17th for Morocco! Thanks for the heads up, though - next time!

  6. Some Spanish postcrossers are voluntaries to host the next meeting, so you can be sure that the next year will be another one.

    Next time give us your postal address and we'll send you a postcard from the meeting.


  7. OH! So lovely! I would so love it if you would join us for Postcard Friendship Friday!

    Your blogspot is just perfect.