Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy, or should we say Hoppy?, Easter!

My friend with the large variety of ancient (1909 and 1910) holiday cards came by last night and brought me a huge stack of Easter cards.  It was so hard to pick a few to post today.  But I love the anthropomorphism of the chicken (tennis, anyone?) and the rabbit, and the glitter on the card of the boy on the fence (did little boys ever really dress that way?) was hard tor resist.  I'll have to save the rest for next year.

The top two are designed and printed by the same company (backs of cards are identical - neither has been written on or sent), and the boy on the fence card says "B.W. 307  Printed in Germany" printed on the back.  It doesn't appear to have been mailed, but it does have a message:  "A Happy Easter to Aunt from Leslie".

Happy Easter, everybody!


  1. Mary,

    These are so sweet. I especially like how vintage cards always show animals dressed and doing something people do. Thank you for sharing.

    Wishing you a blessed Easter and all the wonders of springs!


  2. The chick playing tennis is superb, but they're all great.