Friday, April 2, 2010

Music and Musicians, II

What is there to say, but "all hail the King!"

Well, okay, I can't resist making a couple of comments about these Elvis Presley cards. 

On the back of th card with the bronze Elvis statue it says  "This impressive bronze statue of Elvis standing 9-1/2 fee tall, is located in 'Elvis Presley Plaza' on Beale Street, downtown, Memphis.  Memphis is proud of this magnificient memorial to the unforgetable 'King of Rock and Roll'.  We hope it will stand as a testament of our love and appreciation for Elvis".

And of course, Graceland, Tennessee has to be on any rock and roll fan's bucket list.  I almost got to go there once, when we had focus groups scheduled for Memphis.  At the last minute, my trip was cancelled but the art director and copywriter did attend the groups, had a field trip to Graceland, and brought me back not only a picture of Elvis' final resting place but also some "Love Me Tender" hair conditioner.  I had that bottle for years, until I decided it belonged in my neighbor's "Homage to Elvis" bathroom, where it now lives, along with an Elvis clock, an Elvis costume (Las Vegas period, as seen in the postcard lower left), Elvis pictures, and a plethora of other Elvis paraphernalia. 

My favorite Elvis song is "A Little Less Conversation." especially the JXL remix from 2002.  (Lyrics here.)  Anybody care to share theirs?

It's Good Friday, and you know what that means.  Non-religiously speaking anyways.  It's Postcard Friendship Friday - check it out.


  1. The only place in Memphis I ever saw was the airport.

  2. He really was a great looking guy. Happy PFF

  3. Howdy Mary
    Happy PFF to you .
    Wow you mean I have to pick one song ??
    No way girlfriend ,this is too hard.
    I have so many songs
    for so many different moods
    er I mean reasons :)
    If I have to choose it would be
    Suspicious Minds,
    no Kentucky Rain
    um Rock a Hula .
    Okay I give up.
    I love this post.
    One of my big ongoing things with my Dad
    is my Dad telling me and everyone else
    over the years I took you to Graceland .
    "What do you mean you don't remember ?"
    Well after a little research
    I found an old photo and
    I was only two years old at the time !
    Thank you Mary for jogging my memory.
    Another not so great moment was me
    at the age of 14 being dragged
    to see Elvis in concert .
    Well I have learned that sometimes
    youth is wasted on the wrong people :)
    So I did not complain a bit when my Dad
    took me for my 16th birthday to see Elvis.
    Elvis died shortly after this .
    Happy Easter to you .
    Big Hugs from Texas
    Happy Trails

  4. Hail to the King indeed! My father and mother were, still are, huge fans. Too bad a trip to Graceland is so far-fetched hahaha. So they are contented in listening to his records. Many thanks for visiting my entry this week.

    Postcards Crossing

  5. Great collection of postcards of the KING. I can remember watching his movies on TV. If they come on and DH is out of the house I will take time to sit and watch!

    I can't pic just one. PFF and thanks for stopping by!

  6. I love this PFF post. An Elvis clock? Love Me Tender hair conditioner? And your neighbour has a "Homage to Elvis" bathroom? This is really heavy stuff. And you love the JXL remix of "A Little Less Conversation" - just like me. Mary, you made me grin like the Cheshire Cat: yes we're all mad here.

  7. My favourite is the bronze statue - it depicts Elvis the way I like to remember him!
    People not familiar with the Quebec of the 50s/60s may not know that Elivs was the King for French Canadians in particular. My uncles - who were in their teens & twenties - used to mimic Elvis' hair and tried to dress like him - especially with the pointy shoes.
    One my uncle Adelard "Sonny" Lagace died earlier this year, his wake had a bit of an Elvis theme. There was even a commemorative CD with a montage of my uncle playing guitar and superimposed images of Elvis. Some of my relatives said he must be happy to be in Heaven with Elvis!
    Some might scoff at this type of memorial, but I think it's great that people plan the type of wake that they think suits the departed.
    Evelyn in Montreal

  8. I love Elvis & I've been to Graceland (once) - Fav song- any of the gospel songs- and I do love Suspicious Minds & Kentucky Rain. Great postcards!

  9. Please don't hate me - I was never that fond of Elvis. Oops, did I say that out loud? But I love your collection of Elvis postcards! Can I live now????

  10. My hometown (pop. less than 2000!) is less than an hour from Graceland and Elvis used to come to our little movie theatre and screen his movies. I remember my parents getting this great invitation to a party at Graceland that was shapped like a guitar--they didn't go! Elvis is my dad's age but I have always thought he was soooo sexy (I'm blushing). My favorite Elvis songs are Fever and Suspicious Minds. Long Live the King (if only in our memories)!