Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kek Lok Si Temple, Malaysia

My friends Gayle and Paul were traveling in Asia recently, and sent this postcard of the Kek Lok Si Temple ("Temple of Supreme bliss") in Panang, Malaysia.  This temple is the largest Buddhist temple in southeast Asia, and continues to expand through on-going construction projects.  From the Wiki:  "The current focus is to create an ornate shelter for the Kuan Yin statue. 16 carved dragon pillars are being built, the concentric roof will be inspired by classical Ming architecture, reminiscent of the roof of Prayer Hall for Good Harvest in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing."

Paul was speaking at two conferences in Asia, the Global Social Venture Competition (that's Paul in the blue shirt, if you check out the link) and a Net Impact conference. He has a company called The HIP Investor, an investment company that is defining  the "New Fundamental of Investing as equaling Human Impact + Profit  (HIP)".  The are building "HIP Portfolios" for investors comprised of companies who are looking to solve problems in Health, Wealth, Earth, Equality and Trust, and have found that this is a driver for attractive long-term financial performance.   Paul has just published a book, "The HIP Investor:  Making Bigger Profits By Building A Better World", in case you are interested.  (I know - shameless plug for Paul - but it is very exciting and super interesting!)

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  1. Wow! Such fast postcard turnaround! We are honored to be featured. The HUGE new statue and pavilion have already been completed. They'd be out of the photo, to the left, on this postcard. BTW, we climbed up the pagoda that you see on the card. Every time we got to the top of a flight of stairs, I thought surely it was the final floor. That happened about 5 times! But good exercise to compensate for all the fantastic street food we ate on Penang. Truly a foodie wonderland, with Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine - with some tasty hybrids, too.

    Paul would also want me to mention that his book is available now on the Kindle and other e-readers - and for pre-order on Amazon. There, my marriage is safe!