Friday, March 25, 2011

Dye Cut Postcards

No, this isn't a picture clipped out of people magazine.  It's one of a huge stack of postcards my son brought back from Europe this summer, and gave to me for Christmas.  A dye cut card of Lady Di - a double dye/di, if you will.

I'm always a sucker for an irregularly shaped postcard, and this one is particularly good.  Plus with all the talk of another royal wedding, it seemed fitting, somehow.....

Just for fun, here's another:

Might as well stay in England for a quick cup o' tea, as well.

For a few more dye cut cards, click here (Michael Jordan), here (Stonehenge), and here (manatee).


  1. I wonder if that's a Baker's Biscuit on the saucer? I just learned about Baker's Biscuits a couple of days ago. Give this video a look:

    I ENJOYED looking at your cards!

  2. Di cut - heh! heh! These are interesting cards. I don't recall ever seeing an irregular shaped card. I'll keep an eye out for some.

  3. I've never seen such cards here. I'm obviously looking in the wrong places. I've been sent a few but most of them are unfortunately mangled in the sorting machines.

    The biscuit is a Jammie Dodger. :)

  4. A Jammie Dodger - what a name. looks delish with tea.

  5. Regardless of the shape of the postcard,Princess Diana is,as always,very beatiful.

    Joining PFF for the first time and I'm late! :)
    Postcard Friendship Friday#1

  6. Love the double decker bus card, but the teacup card is also a lot of fun.