Saturday, October 9, 2010


Lots of changes going on right now, and toast is the ultimate comfort food in times of transition.  Well, toast and cookies and chicken rice casserole.

I've had this postcard for years and always thought is was a reproduction of a print or a painting.  On closer inspection, the piece, by artist Dawn Fryling (about whom I can find very little, except for a few random references in a variety of articles) is made up of actual toast in wooden boxes.  Kind of cool.

The post card came from my friend and former colleague, Jane.  We worked together at an ad agency and that agency held an annual auction, to raise money for a variety of charities.  It became the tradition for Jane to "donate" an Italian dinner at her beautiful home, and a group of us would get together and bid for it.  The auction was always raucous and booze saturated (have to get those bids high!).  Our dinner, while perhaps a bit less raucous, featured delicious food and plenty of red wine.

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  1. (late nite, 10-17-10)
    ok, so we're all very busy. I realize that, but what is your excuse for not posting in so long? Maybe another food series (corn, tomatoes, dandelion soup, whatever) or another "states I have visited" type thing...but whatever it is, what's the excuse for not posting? How about a series on the "road less traveled" featuring some magnificent cards of amazing roads in the middle of nowhere? or another series of Olympic Venues, even though it's nowhere near Olympic times? Whatever it is, let's get on with it! As Kip Odata said, you have to "commit to the joke, go through with the joke, and never ask permission to tell the joke", no matter how un-pc it is, but you still have to do it. yea, and I too have to get back to sending cards, maybe not on an "almost daily basis" as has been noted before, but at least more often than I have been lately, especially if I'm going to rag on you for not posting more often than you have been recently. (after all, with over 30 years of collecting post cards, you could just dip into the pot, grab one blindly, and post it with no comment at all, just to be bold). Sorry. Maybe the port is a bit stronger than I anticipated this evening on an empty stomach, or maybe I just miss seeing something new and exciting on your not-so-daily postcard blog, but there's something that compelled me to ramble on so aimlessly, hoping that you would see this and post again sometime soon.You know I wish you well in your new employment endeavor, and I also (selfishly) miss your daily inspirational post of cards, and hope that soon, there will be time to both "post and work, and work and post". That would be good. Enuf for now. As always, ~Peace