Monday, August 29, 2011

The Windmill Museum

My friend Jessica brought me this postcard from The Windmill Museum which I couldn't be sure was a real place.  Sure enough though, the Museum, aka American Wind Power Center, is located in Lubbock, Texas (of course) and is described as

 "A Museum for the American Style Water Pumping Windmill and Related Exhibits on Wind Electric.   The purpose of the American Wind Power Center ... is to interpret the relations of humans, the environment and technology through the medium of a museum of wind power history."  
The windmill featured in this postcard is "The Woman's Windmill": 

 "This tilting tower was produced by the Aeromotor Company Company in 1895.  It tilted so that it could be greased from the ground without having to climb the tower." 

Jessica reports that it had a plaque next to it that said "...its design was so easy to clean and service that ANY CHILD COULD DO IT."  The comments on this plaque were editorialized by Jessica.  She wrote: "And it's called the 'Woman's Windmill'?  God Bless Texas".